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How To Dress For A Camping Trip

How To Dress For A Camping Trip | Darling Magazine

When I was little, going camping was pretty standard. We have home videos of my dad setting up the tents with my uncle, my cousins and I running around collecting bottle caps and my mom washing dishes in the tiny camper sink. Because my parents married very young and had three girls before the age of 30, they didn’t have extra money to spend on fancy vacations, nor did they feel we would appreciate something nice in our youthful age. All those years collecting memories with my family I truly cherish, and going camping has now evolved into beautiful backpacking trips with my husband, which we both adore.

We know there are plenty of city girls out there who love the wilderness, but when it comes to “roughing it,” you may feel a bit intimidated by not knowing what to bring, or what to wear. Well friends, there’s no better time than now to learn how to survive in the woods by looking cute (and smart) while doing it.

Know Your Location

Before you begin packing, do some research on the area you are going to in case the location is prone to rain or snow. Weather can be unpredictable (even in the summer) so depending on altitude and season, layering is vital to being outdoors.

At any moment the temperature can go from chilly, to warm, to hot, to cold to freezing, but be prepared and all will go well.

Get Strappin’

Starting with the most important thing about doing some hiking and perhaps even some climbing is that you’ll need a great pair of boots. Believe me, I had

to learn the hard way and wore a vintage pair I bought at the flea market that I thought were cute. Terrible mistake. Several mind blowing blisters later, I could barely move, let alone hike. Obviously if you’re just doing some fun car-camping by the beach, you will be totally fine in your trusty running shoes or even regular leather boots, but if there is any kind of mountainous terrain, you’ll want something sturdier.

Also, as simple as it sounds, good socks make a big difference, so pack a couple pairs that are thick and if possible, made from wool.

Mix And Match

Because you’ll want to pack as little as possible (sometimes you’ll only have a tiny backpack to fill), finding items that can be mixed and matched is key. Try and keep your pack down to 1-2 items per category, meaning one tank top, one short sleeve, one long sleeve, one pant, etc. especially if you’re only there for a weekend. It can also make it easier to pair things together if you consider a common color palette.

Here is a way to visualize your outfit packing list. Try choosing only 1-2 items in each category of tops, bottoms and outerwear:


– Tops: T-shirt and/or Long sleeve top

Night (very similar to morning):

– Tops: Cotton long sleeve and/or thermal long sleeve

As for make-up, be ready to go au natural. If you feel like you want it, keep it light with some mascara and perhaps a tinted chapstick with SPF. Bring some face wipes as well so that it’s easy to remove before bedtime.

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