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How do i charge my ipod touch

how do i charge my ipod touch


In reference or relation to; with respect to.

[Middle English regarden. from Old French regarder. to look at. re-. re- + guarder. to guard, look at (of Germanic origin ; see guard ).]

Synonyms: regard , esteem , admiration , respect

These nouns refer to a feeling based on perception of and approval for the worth of a person or thing. Regard is the most general: "I once thought you had a kind of regard for her" (George Borrow).

Admiration is a feeling of keen approbation: "Greatness is a spiritual condition worthy to excite love, interest, and admiration" (Matthew Arnold).

Respect implies appreciative, often deferential regard resulting from careful assessment: The well-behaved children showed great respect for their teacher. See Also Synonyms at consider .

Usage Note: Regard is traditionally used in the singular in the phrase in regard (not in

regards ) to. In our 2004 survey, barely six percent of the Usage Panel accepted the phrase in regards to. Slightly more than half the Panel found the syntactically peculiar as regards acceptable in the sentence These surveys show a high level of satisfaction with government policy among the elderly in the Scandinavian countries, especially as regards the medical services provided by the state. Sixty-seven percent accepted in regard to in the same sentence. The phrase with respect to is also standard in this use. Many Panelists said that they would prefer regarding over the other prepositions in these situations. The similar prepositional use of respecting is controversial. In our 2009 survey, 55 percent rejected the example You must follow all regulations respecting the use of the park. This usage has a somewhat old-fashioned ring to it and probably should be avoided.


( rɪˈɡɑːd )

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