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Beauty School: How to Create a Float-Worthy Top Knot

Posted by April 14th, 2015

Hello lovely readers,

It’s Maritza Buelvas of Beauty For Bloggers here, bringing you some more fun hair ideas! I had so much fun putting together this next-level-cute top knot for spring. I call it The Float Worthy Top Knot —designed to make any outfit pop! Here’s how to create it in six easy steps…

The Float-Worthy Top Knot Hair Tutorial

Step 1: Create a high ponytail and secure with elastic band.

Step 2: Tease at the base and along the entire length of your ponytail to create thickness and anchor the shape of your top knot.

Step 3: Loop your pony forward and secure in place by crisscrossing hairpins near your scalp.

Step 4:

Swirl hair around to almost create a cone shaped bun. This nifty trick will give your bun loads of all-around volume!

Step 5: Flatten your bun by tugging downward (and pinning into place) on the opposite side from where you created your initial starter base with the crisscrossed pins.

Step 6: Now let’s mess things up a little with this last step… Gently pull out a few hairs from the top to create a little whimsy. Doing this will instantly add more volume to your bun and give it a flirty, fresh feel. Secure with any needed additional pins, set with spray.

Will you be giving this top knot tutorial a whirl?

Let us know in the comments below! And thanks to Martiza for sharing this adorable hair tutorial!

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