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How to do a house swap

how to do a house swap

Yes, your husband should help out. He lives there right?

My husband and I are partners. When he is at work then I'm at work taking care of the KIDS. That is my job. That is why we agreed I was staying home. I'm not a housekeeper. If that was the case then I will go back to work and put the kids in daycare. It would be the same thing as being a housekeeper in my mind. If I am taking care of the house then I am not taking care of the kids. At that point I would rather be at a job I want to do. If you can't tell I'm not a fan of housekeeping.

We divvy up the chores, cooking, yard work, and such. Also, when he gets home my

job is done and we both start to co parent.

This all might change when all my kids are in school full time. By that time hopefully I'll go back to school for a another degree since I'll have been out of work for 10 plus years or something. When I do eventually go back to work I will probably be working part time since my boys will be busy with activities in school and out of school. Plus, I want to volunteer at the schools.

I'm also lucky that he works regular hours. If he worked a lot then we probably wouldn't have had four kids.

I guess it depends on what you want out of your relationship, expectations, and what type of hours your partner works.

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