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How Do I Copy a Row in Excel & Paste it Into a Column?

Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet software program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite. Different versions are available for both Windows and Mac, though all versions work similarly. Excel is suited for analyzing data in different ways, automating tasks with the built-in macro software and producing graphs and other table analysis. Learning how to copy a row and paste it as a column, or vice versa, is easy using the Paste Special function.


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Microsoft Excel is especially fond of contiguous ranges. When a range is broken up by empty cells, Excel adds a layer of.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet creator that allows you to enter data into columns and rows. When starting to create a spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel is a popular and useful spreadsheet program. Using a spreadsheet can make many tasks easier and more efficient, but many.

The copy and paste function

within Microsoft Office is useful, but when pasting data into Excel it is important to prepare the.

Microsoft Excel is a commonly used spreadsheet application that allows users to input data into a grid divided into rows and columns.

Copying formatting from one row to another can be a time-saver. If you have spent time adjusting a particular row to the.

Sreadsheet software applications have many household usages. The most common of those is budgeting and expense tracking. Many people like to spice.

Creating and editing spreadsheets in Excel is commonplace in most businesses. To easily edit information within a spreadsheet, you can copy and.

The tasks that are presented to workers in an office setting have been made far easier by the many different and intuitive.

To transfer your data from an Excel spreadsheet to a Microsoft Access database, you can copy and paste the between the different.

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software that helps you organize, chart and modify large amounts of data. If you have a single column.

One or more fields (columns) in a Microsoft Access table make up a row (record) of values. Access allows you to modify.


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