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How to do a tick on a keyboard

how to do a tick on a keyboard

How do I enter a partial payment on a bill?

If desired, enter a date in the Due on or before field, and then press the Tab key on your keyboard to re-sort the list of bills to be paid. Alternatively, you can select Show all bills .

Select the desired option in the Sort Bills By field.

Select the bill you wish to pay partially by clicking the tick column.

Enter the partial amount in the Amt. To Pay column. For information on applying credits and discounts to the bills, click the How Do I? button.

Select the appropriate account from the Payment Account drop-down list.

In Payment Method. select the appropriate method. If selecting Cheque. select the To be printed or Assign cheque no. option.

Click Pay Selected Bills (for QuickBooks 2006 or earlier click Pay & Close to pay the selected bill, or Pay

& New to pay the selected bill and return to the Pay Bills window.) and click Done to exit or Pay More Bills to return to the Pay Bills window.

If you selected to pay your bill by cheque and selected to Assign cheque no.. an Assign Cheque Numbers window will appear. Select Let QuickBooks assign cheque numbers (for QuickBooks 2006 or earlier select Automatically assign based on next cheque number for this bank account ) and click OK. or Let me assign the cheque numbers below (for QuickBooks 2006 or earlier click Assign the appropriate cheque number next to each bill payment cheque ), then enter the cheque number next to the bill and click OK .

If you selected to pay your bill by cheque, and selected To be printed. you may want to print your cheque now. (From the File menu, choose Print Forms. and then choose Cheques .

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