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How do i check my balance with o2

how do i check my balance with o2

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Q: What is Balance Rewards for healthy choices TM ?

A: Balance Rewards for healthy choices TM is one of the many benefits of Balance Rewards that gives you points for staying well whether you track walking, running, cycling, weight management, blood pressure, blood glucose, or NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy).

Earn points for each mile, weigh-in, blood pressure or blood glucose reading, and NRT use at (subject to daily and monthly limits). You can log your personal wellness goals, track progress, earn badges and connect with the Balance Rewards community to stay motivated. You can also sync with leading fitness and health devices & apps to track activity and earn points automatically!

What's New in Balance Rewards for healthy choices TM

Q. What's New in Balance Rewards for healthy choices TM ?

A: Your Digital Health

Advisor is a goal-based tool powered by WebMD that can sync with Fitness, Weight, Blood Pressure, and Blood Glucose trackers as well as connected apps and devices. The Your Digital Health Advisor tool changes how you record your Balance Rewards for healthy choices" points for activities as well as how you set and track your goals.

Please note that Sleep and Pulse O2 trackers will no longer be supported for tracking and all Fitness and Weight goals will now be managed through Your Digital Health Advisor.

Q: What goals can I set through Your Digital Health Advisor?

There are several goals available through Your Digital Health Advisor whether you are looking for a more immediate goal to get healthier or a long-term goal as part of a comprehensive care plan. The following goals can be set and tracked through Your Digital Health Advisor:

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