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How To Do The Worm Dance

how to do the worm forwards

Caterpillar and Worm are breakdance moves which many youngsters love to learn how to do them. You use your hands, arms, shoulders, feet, knees, and this video will show you how.

Hi. In this video, I'm going to be showing you how to do the Worm. Now, the Worm is a very basic move that a lot of people like doing at weddings.

I personally first learnt how to do it by going up with my mom and dad to bed and just flopping around and trying to figure out what to do with my body. So I'm going to show you how to be spared that embarrassment; I'm just going to show you how to do it. Okay, so first thing you can do, on your knees, like so.

Make sure you have wide knees and I'm going to show you roll into it and where to put your hands. So, the first thing, you've got to arch your back like so. Keep your head up, you've got to look where you're going same time, it's quite difficult, okay, and you put your hands here, pretty much you just bend them straight up, raise, catch yourself, roll, place your hands, catch yourself.

Now, when you're down here, hands need to be exactly where they're placed, your knees start

to come up and your rock forward up on to your chest. Then what you do, when you do that, you get up to the highest point, you don't touch your chin on the floor, you don't ever touch your head on the floor at all. You push with your feet and flick through and then start again, not from your knees but from your toes.

Caterpillars' going backwards, the Worm is going forwards so to do the Caterpillar, you have to start from where you left of with the Worm. So, with the Caterpillar, you start with your hands and then you lower yourself down. Okay, so what you do, you place your hands like so.

So it's quite wise about your shoulder width part again, and then you flick yourself up so you're pushed upwards, pick your feet up and lower yourself down, rolling through your body. Make sure that you lead with your toes, you come back up, push and start again. That's the basic of a Caterpillar.

So with a Worm, remember that arch your body, place your hands and to push to where it lands with your feet and with Catepillar, which is backwards, you should start with your hands, roll through where to push and flick, back through. And that's how to do the Worm.

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