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How to do trial balance

how to do trial balance


Best Answer:   Nowadays, all businesses use computerized accounting systems. And the systems will prompt you when you make an entry that doesn't balance. So, it is almost impossible to have a trial balance that doesn't balance.

However, since you ARE facing this problem, my guess is that you are a student studying accounting, and you want to know what to do when you answer an exam question and the trial balance doesn't balance. Hence, I will answer your question based on this assumption.

When your trial balance doesn't balance, quickly scan all your entries and adjustments that you have made.

1. Add them up to see if you made any casting errors.

2. Check if you adjusted the accounts correctly (ie. 1 debit followed by 1 credit)

If you still cannot find

the error, then proceed on answering the question with the trial balance that you have.

Maybe you made 1 or 2 mistakes in your trial balance, so you lose some points. But points will still be given for your workings and for other correct answers in your trial balance.

Maybe there are 3 supplemental questions based on the trial balance. Maybe all 3 questions can be answered from the "correct" figures in the trial balance. At worst, perhaps one of the questions require an answer from the trial balance which you didn't get right. You will still get to answer 2 out of the 3 supplemental questions.

Don't spend too much time finding your error to make the trial balance right. You can score more points answering questions.


lemongrass · 8 years ago

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