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How to draw FROST FLOWER

how to draw fibonacci

By Linda Farmer, CZT

As we speak, the 20th Zentangle® Certification seminar is transpiring in Providence, RI, and next week the 21st – the last two CZT® training seminars for 2015. Kudos to all of 2015’s new CZTs and welcome to the fold!

Here’s a tangle in honor of the first day of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere, or maybe the icy cold crystals on a tall, cold Summer beverage here in the North. Today we add St. Louis ‘s Karry Heun’s Frost Flower to our repertoire.

In sending this along Karry wrote that while it’s been some time since she’s shared a tangle, she’s had a very good reason. And she introduced me by photograph to her absolutely adorable third child, Henry. Creativity of a very different sort!

Karry has shared several tangles with us and a couple of them are among my personal favorites, Palrevo and Sand Swirl. Although truly, it’s hard to pick favorites among all the great tangles on the site.

Frost Flower is a good exercise for that whole Zentangle® drawing behind thing. And the

tangle enhancer “sparkle ” really makes it, well, sparkle! I found it helps to draw the “skeletons” of Step 1 first so you get a nice arrangement. And it is imperative that you turn your tile as you add the strokes to each triangular area – or you’ll end up with a big mess. Well, I did.

Karry illustrates the step-by-step instructions for drawing Frost Flower below. Note that the first step needs a “north-south” stroke to create 8 sections before you proceed to the next step. Although I suppose you could also do them with six.

Image copyright the artist and used with permission, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You may use this image for your personal non-commercial reference only. Republishing or redistributing pattern deconstructions in any form is prohibited under law without express permission of the copyright owner. For more information, click on the image for the article “Copyrights and your blog.”

Here’s Karry’s cool ZIA example combining the Zentangle-original Bunzo and Frost Flower .

And here’s her lovely ZIA example combining Narwal and Frost Flower .

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