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How to End a Personal Statement and Leave a Strong Impact

Writing a personal statement is a hard job, but perhaps the hardest of them all is how to end a personal statement. If you are reading this article then it means that you at least have some idea on what a personal statement is. But if you don’t then let me tell you that a personal statement is a part of the admission process. The personal statement is not a record of any sort; rather it is a document that is written by you, about you.

But what does it mean when I say written about you? You have to remember that the college, graduate school or university that you are entering doesn’t need a biography; they need a 1-2 page document that highlights your professional interests. I have personally seen and heard of a number of students who seem to put everything about their selves into the personal statement. You have to understand that the personal statement needs to be kept extremely formal and professional so that the admission

officer can see you seriously.

Now let’s get back to the point where I was telling you how to end a personal statement. To do that, let me first tell you why you need a proper ending to the personal statement. If you have ever written an essay or dissertation, then you probably know that the ending is important because it leaves an everlasting influence on the reader. If your personal statement’s ending is not good then the officer will like what he is reading but he is bound to forget about you after he is done reading. This is something you do not want; instead you want him to remember your personal statement so you can get through the admission.

Below are some of the best techniques you can follow on how to end a personal statement.

• Give a sort of summary of whatever you have written in the complete statement

• Most students opt to end the personal statement with a positive note

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