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How to Evaluate a Web Page

how to evaluate a mission statement

To evaluate a Web page look for:

  • Purpose: Why was the page created? To: Inform; Entertain; Share information; Advertise/Sell a product or service (business/marketing); Influence views, beliefs, elections (advocacy); Provide up-to-the-moment news; Personal enjoyment.
  • Sponsor/Owner: On what type of Internet provider or organization does the page reside? (Provenance.) Government agency; Educational; Business/Company; Association: Professional, Trade, Entertainment; News bureau; Personal (Individual).
  • Organization and Content: Is the page organized and focused? Is it well designed? Is the text well written? Are the links relevant and appropriate? Are the links evaluated?
  • Date of Production/Revision: When was the Web page produced? When was it last revised? How up-to-date are the links? Are the links still viable?
  • Usefulness . Is the

    Web page relevant to the current research project?

  • Authority/author Who is responsible for the page? Is the author an expert in this field? What else has he/she written or produced? Does the author provide an e-mail address? How accurate is the provided information? Is a bias evident?
  • What is it? Web-only page, journal article, government source, blog, etc.
  • Audience: To what type of reader is the Web page directed?
  • Coverage: Does the page cover the topic comprehensively, partially or is it an overview?
  • Illustrations: Are the graphics clear in intent, relevant and professional looking? Do the graphics add to or enhance the content?
  • Security Are security and/or encryption systems employed when necessary?
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