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How to factor accounts receivable

how to factor accounts receivable

Do You Have Slow Paying Customers?

Stop worrying about collecting invoice payments so you can spend your precious time making more money!

CJM financial saves you time and money by speeding up your cashflow and helping you increase your profitability.

Do you have customers that take 30, 60, 90 or more days to pay you? Or, even worse, those who aren’t paying at all? Nothing can kill a small business faster than unpaid invoices creating cash flow issues. Don’t let it happen to you!

Let us factor for you so you can keep your business thriving. Get your money within 24-48 hours after approval and stop worrying about getting paid.

Your time and business are too valuable for you to be losing customers simply because of temporary cash shortages, slow paying clients, stressful collection calls, or just because you don’t want to waste any of your resources trying to catch up on invoices and waiting on receivables all the time. When you rely on a factoring company, you won’t have to turn away new business or

lose current customers because of cash flow problems. CJM Financial offers the financing services you need. We are your solution for business asset funding and account management.

For over 20 years companies of all types have used invoice factoring with CJM to turn their accounts receivable into cash in hand. Used as a quick solution or a permanent business financing option, invoice factoring can give you the money you are owed right when you need it.

Transportation Factoring Services

Although we do factor for temp staffing and pipeline companies as well as many other types of different industries. one of our main specialties is truck factoring. There are truckers all across the United States who are factoring freight through CJM Financial to pay drivers, get money for expenses, get accounts receivables collected in a timely manner, and much more.

We know your industry and you know you can trust us. So let us take the burden off your back so you can do what you do best. Contact us now to ask how we can help you!

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