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Door Closer Maintenance, Repair and Adjustment Info

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EXCERPT: For adjustment and repair of Door Closers, often used in offices and commercial buildings.  Also known as: Mechanical door closer, office door closer, automatic door closer.

For information on pneumatic storm door closers, see this article: Storm Door Closer Maintenance, Repair and Adjustment

Disclaimer. This information may be inaccurate, incomplete, or dangerous.  You are responsible for your actions.  I caution you to NOT disassemble the main cylinder, your closer may have a strong spring inside that can cause serious injury if an end cap is removed.

This article is an updated version of the original page .

Basic Operation

  • Hydraulic Door Closers close a door automatically at an adjustable speed.
  • A Door Closer is usually mounted at the top of a door or

    above it on the jamb.  There are also internal models that are installed hidden inside the door frame for a cleaner look.

  • An internal Spring applies force to the Arm to close the door.  Hydraulic fluid (oil) flows through pathways inside the closer.  The resistance/restriction to fluid flow determines the door closing speed.
  • Spring strength and adjustment (if any) varies by model.  Heavier doors require stronger door closers.
  • Door closers are matched to their application, based on door size and weight, and the corresponding strength needed to close them properly.
  • Adjustable Spring tension allows models so equipped to work well for doors of sizes within their range of adjustment.

The operation of a door is controlled by the Door Closer in 3 basic zones:

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