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How to find a sponsoring broker

how to find a sponsoring broker

#1 02 February 2007 14:25:51

How to find a job in Dubai?

Hi there,

Dubai is one of the most developped cosmopolitan in the middle east, isn't it?

How did you get there? Have you been detached by your company or have you moved then you've found a job there?

#2 03 February 2007 14:39:15

Re: How to find a job in Dubai?

Julian et al,

I arrived in Dubai first right after 9/11 when our UN agency looked for a contingency base due to the crisis in Central Asia (Afghanistan). From 2001 on, our office grew from a small one-man-show to one of the world's largest humanitarian contingency and fast response bases. When I left in April 2006, we employed 70 staff and flew out all over the world providing logistics and infrastructural support for humanitarian emergencies. Princess Haya, the wife of Dubai's ruler, became a good-will ambassador for our organisation (the first female good-will ambassador, and the first ever from the Middle East) !

This story in itself shows the power of Dubai as a regional (and up-coming worldwide) hub for procurement, air&sea transport etc. "Only in Dubai!". Read also one example on my blog: … -city.html. which describes how we worked with the government of Dubai to construct a humanitarian city. in six months.

Within the organisation I 'sold' the idea of starting up an office there. So in a way, I 'moved' part of the organisation there . Yes, officially, I was 'detached' by the organisation there.

Julian wrote:

What's the best way to find a job in Dubai? Is there any website that could help people to find a job in Dubai

from their home country?

Ough. The Dubai job market is VERY competitive. Consequently, the wages are low compared to the sky-rocketing cost of living, employees are expected to work very long hours. The demand for performance is a constant pressure. And employees have very few rights or privileges.

It is excellent for employers, but makes it difficult for employees! There so much more 'supply' of labour than there is demand (despite the blooming economy). This makes it possible to find well trained and experienced staff (in ALL sectors, at ALL levels), at a VERY competitive wage.

We did a HAY-market survey to ensure our organisation paid top-dollar wages to our staff, and positioned ourselves in the top 5 of all the international companies. A typical (locally recruited) head of logistics or head of procurement e.g. was paid $3,000-3,500/month. This is very high for what we normally pay for locally recruited staff, but even then, it was difficult for these people to maintain a good standard of living. The cost of living in Dubai is VERY high. (see also your other post).

There are MANY job-brokers and headhunters active who mediate between companies and 'potential employees' all over the world either via manual headhunting or publicly via the web. However, I never found this a good way to find a job. There are hundreds of these brokers.

The best is to go via connections or via the Internet, to companies within your professional branch, find out the contact details of the HR manager or manager of the department in your branch, and contact them directly. And contact them again, and again, and again (and not to give up).

Hope this helps,



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