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How to Replace a 02 Oxygen Sensor 2.0l Jetta Golf GTI VW MKIV DIY Cheap

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2.0l Oxygen 02 Sensor DIY

Recently I picked up a 1999.5 MKIV Jetta 2.Slow and as good as the thing looked it ran like sh*t. After replacing the downpipe and cat (this car failed emissions hard) I was getting error code 16518 "No Activity" Bank 1 sensor 1 on my Vag-com. As well as 16521 bank 1 sensor 2 signal intermittent which I'm not to concerned with.

After pulling out the first sensor and seeing the date of 1999, I knew this thing was rotten like an outhouse. So like any one else trying to save a buck in this economy I went to the world wide web and found my solution. I just had to soak this bad boy in gas for a few days and it would run like new! Fail. Maybe it works for some but it definitely did not work for me.

If you have read my other DIY's you know I'm all about saving money, and 02 sensors are not cheap. For a narrowband (I have know idea what that means so don't ask) oxygen sensor the price ranges from $70-$200 depending what you

buy and where you buy it from. Add on another $150 if you're having the dealership change it for you. Sorry but even $70 is to much for me for a sensor.

So once again I come through with another cheap DiY for all you others that refuse to pay VW prices.

After hours on the world wide web the cheapest option I could find was a universal 02 sensor for 67.99 at autozone. I also came across some posts for VW, BMW's and Mercs all stating that they were using cheap ford oxygen sensors and replacing the harness plug like you would have to do with the universal 02 sensor anyways. I could not find any documentation on someone using this sensor on a mkiv but others stated it works great on their mkIII so for the greater of man kind I gave it a go.

The sensor is bosch part #15718 sold at advance auto for 47.99. 47.99. Thats way to much for my cheap a**. Add in a can of liquid wrench to get it up to $50 and you can use the coupon code RETMENOT123 for $20 off. My total $35.

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