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Why were the world trade centers attacked

why were the world trade centers attacked

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September 11, 2001. A day that will forever be remembered.

Let it not be remembered for the evil acts of violence targeted at fear, panic and death. But remember the human spirit, the brotherhood of mankind, and the goodness that not only New Yorkers but Americans and the world over have dedicated to saving our most precious resource: life. For this is the only way to stand up to those wish to fight from shadows, or are rabid enough to believe it is worth their own life to see so many others end.

May God bless our Ground Heros.

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Sat Sep 9 11:38:02 EDT 2006

Please donate to the World Trade Center Memorial. Contributing to the Memorial is a meaningful way to honor or commemorate those who lost their life.

Sun Sep 11 11:55:52 EDT 2005

It's been a long hard road these last four years. I've often had the opportunity to reflect on the events that happened that Tuesday morning when I've commuted to NJ via the rebuilt PATH station at WTC - and I've found it hard to relate. Here I am so lucky - I have my home, my wife, my parents and family. Like anyone who lived in NYC

that day, I knew someone who was a victim, but they were old acquaintances or people I graduated from high school with. How amazingly difficult it must still be for those who lost loved ones. Or troubling to the good people that worked at the site looking for survivors, sifting the rubble and removing the ashes - and afterwards sufferring more with not only mental anguish, but physical ailments as well. All that pain, all that anguish - it still moves me to tears to this day.

However hard it might be, I cannot let the feelings of emotional loss consume me. Today I choose to re-dedicate myself and this website to some of the positive thoughts that can be taken from this tragedy. A belief in the human spirit of ordinary people - that when faced with the worst of situations they chose to help one-another instead of letting chaos consume them. A re-kindling of brotherhood - to see that we are part of our community, especially in the darkest hours, and that even one small person's contribution can help us all. And finally in the goodness of people - that when times are tough the people who know what is right will step forward and do what they can to keep it right.

- Tony, a lifetime New Yorker

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