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WIREWORX beaded animals & beaded key chains

WIREWORX’s range of handcrafted, fair trade beaded animal figurines and key chains from Africa’s most talented bead and wire crafters make wonderful gifts, collectibles and indoor & garden dйcor! Each beaded animal is created by one of our master bead and wire designers. Our designers begin by shaping heavy gauge galvanized steel wire into a frame in the shape of an animal. Next, the crafters bead numerous shimmering glass seed beads onto finer wire and wrap and secure the beaded wire over the animal frame. It can take hours to produce a single WIREWORX beaded animal!

WIREWORX authentic African beaded animal figurines

Beaded wire crafting is an original African art form. Due to high unemployment, African men would find themselves spending spare time creating recycled crafts from scrap wire, tin and other recyclable materials. This has become known as township art. Individuals and organizations discovered this talent and assist these budding crafters with materials and training to enable them to develop marketable skills and crafts. Beaded animals and key chains can be found for sale in Africa on street corners and at craft markets. The more talented crafters are selling their work at more upscale venues and for export. WIREWORX represents the finest crafters of beaded animals and key chains that Africa has to offer!

Cultural theft? As with just about everything else, this traditional African art form has been copied in China. The attraction of higher profit due to cheaper materials and labor has blinded some to the much deserved and needed livelihood of the original African crafters. Purchasing WIREWORX authentic African beaded animals guarantees the traditional African crafters, mostly Zimbabwean economic refugees living in South Africa, the opportunity for a better life and education and to honorably support their families.

WIREWORX ’s commitment to socially responsible and fair labor practices

Our African bead and wire crafters receive fair and decent wages by setting their own prices. They choose their own hours and work out of the comfort of their homes. Our crafters are paid on time and work reasonable hours.

The Eli Ron Jewelry collection

Eli is a 40 year veteran jeweler and silversmith and hundreds of thousands of pieces of his name jewelry are found around the world! It’s more than likely that you’ve seen someone wearing one of his name necklaces or name rings! Many of the present makers of name jewelry apprenticed by Eli and many of the traditional name necklace and name ring designs on the market today are his creation.

He comes from generations of respected jewelers and silversmiths, many of whom were commissioned by royalty. In fact, Eli’s father is the likely founder of modern name jewelry when he began to handcraft name pendants from silver and gold in the early 50’s! The story goes, that some foreign seminary students studying in Jerusalem were looking for gifts to bring home. They went to Eli’s father, a nearby jeweler transplanted from Tunisia, and the outcome were name necklaces. At that time the name was handwritten on a flat piece of precious metal then cut out by hand and the manner in which Eli Ron makes their personalized jewelry 60 years later hasn’t changed much.

Ron is an expert Hebrew calligrapher with over 20 years experience, a lover of arts and

known for his attention to detail. Seeing the amazing work done by Eli, Ron realized the great potential to expand from Eli’s traditional designs to a wider range or modern name jewelry designs. Hence, 7 years ago Ron and Eli partnered and continue to design and market new and unique name jewelry designs.

Eli and Ron’s guiding design principle is clean, tasteful, easily readable and of course, quality jewelry!

How is Eli Ron Jewelry made?

While we take advantage of some modern technology we continue to make our name jewelry in the age old fashion – by hand. In our society of instant gratification and shortcuts, one doesn’t need to spend years training and apprenticing to be able to make most name jewelry. Simply invest in a machine, learn how to use it and go into business. One can make and sell jewelry (with limitations) without being a jeweler!

We hand sketch or computer generate a design and then glue it onto a sheet of sterling silver or solid gold. In some cases, we draw the text onto the metal itself. Using a jeweler’s saw, which has a very narrow and flexible blade to allow fine, detailed cuts and very accurate curves, and a rotary tool, onto which many cutting, drilling and sanding accessories can be attached, the name is then hand cut. It is actually amazing to watch how the name is created with such fine detail and precision. Once the name is cut, it goes through a 3 stage polishing process. First we use a rough polishing wheel to smooth the surface. This leaves the nameplate with a matte finish, which some people request. The next stage is a polishing wheel that removes the fine streaks of the rougher matte finish and finally, we use a buffing wheel to bring the silver or gold to a high polished finish.

Eli Ron Jewelry - High quality, years of experience, finest materials yet reasonable prices

Even though we are highly experienced (Eli is likely in the name jewelry business longer than anyone else worldwide), offer the highest quality and use only the finest materials, our personalized jewelry is very affordable. We don’t take advantage of our customers nor charge a premium because some celebrity wore a piece of our jewelry. We are not a boutique website selling “celebrity” name necklaces at boutique prices. No gimmicks, no marketing ploys – just a long tradition of beautiful name jewelry direct from us to you at a fair price!

Eli Ron Jewelry offers the widest selection of exclusive name necklaces, name rings and more!

We offer the widest selection of foreign languages and to ensure the correct spelling when our customers are unable to provide it, we work with expert translators and reliable websites. We also offer an exclusive range of lace monogram and regular monogram necklaces. With such an extensive name necklace selection, there is certainly a style that will appeal to anyone. Whether you are looking for block, handwritten, script, Old English, graffiti, modern or retro style we have it.

Custom personalized jewelry – an Eli Ron Jewelry specialty!

You are never limited to the styles that you see. We can custom make just about any initial, monogram or nameplate style, in any language, based from actual fonts, images or computer or hand sketches or we can work with you to create a design of your liking.

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