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How to fix an out of balance washing machine

how to fix an out of balance washing machine


inflammation of a cardiac valve, usually caused by syphilis or rheumatic fever.


  1. Hard hearts, and cold, like weights of icy stone —Percy Bysshe Shelley
  2. The heart errs like the head —Anatole France
  3. The heart (especially the Jewish heart) is a fiddle: you pull the strings, and out come songs, mostly plaintive —Sholom Aleichem
  4. The heart is like the sky, a part of heaven, but changes night and day too, like the sky —Lord Byron
  5. The heart is like a creeping plant, which withers unless it has something around which it can entwine —Charles James Apperley
  6. The heart is like an instrument whose strings steal nobler music from Life’s many frets —Gerald Massey
  7. Heart like a child —Mary Hood
  8. The heart of the wise, like a mirror, should reflect all objects, without being sullied by any —Confucius
  9. Hearts isolated behind the bars of ribs and jumping around like monkeys —Yehuda Amichai
  10. Hearts … mellow as well-tilled soil in which good seed flourishes —Valdimir G. Korolenko
  11. Hearts opening like jaws —Sharon Olds
  12. Heart trembling a little like the door for Elijah the Prophet —Yehuda Amichai
  13. A heart without affection is like a purse without money —Benjamin Mandelstamm
  14. Her heart divided like two wings —Carson McCullers
  15. Her heart sank like a wounded bird —Ellen Glasgow
  16. His heart ached like Niagara Falls —Frank O’Hara
  17. His heart is like a viper, hissing and spitting poison at God —Jonathan Edwards
  18. His heart … like the sea, ever open, brave and free —F. E. Weatherly
  19. His heart sagged in its net of veins like a rock in a sling —George Garrett
  20. His heart swelled up in his throat like a toad —Oakley Hall
  21. His heart was open as the day —Anon ballad, “Old Grimes”
  22. The human heart is like a ship on a stormy sea driven

    about by winds blowing from all four corners of heaven —Martin Luther

  23. The human heart is like a millstone in a mill: when you put wheat under it, it turns and grinds and bruises the wheat to flour; if you put no wheat, it still grinds on, but then ‘tis itself it grinds and wears away —Martin Luther
  24. A man’s heart is like a sponge, just soaked with emotion and sentiment of which he can squeeze a little bit out for every pretty woman —Helen Rowland
  25. A man’s heart, like an automobile, is always apt to skid and ditch him just at the psychological moment when he thinks he has it under perfect control —Helen Rowland
  26. My heart clenched like a fist —Charles Johnson

The fist comparison is also effective for describing a grim, pinched facial expression.

  • My heart is like an apple-tree whose boughs are bent with thick-set fruit —Christina Rossetti

    The first stanza of A Birthday. from which this is taken, contains yet another heart comparison: “My heart is like a rainbow shell that paddles in a halcyon sea.”

  • My heart is like an outbound ship that at its anchor swings —John Greenleaf Whittier
  • My heart is like a singing bird —Christina Rossetti
  • My little heart pops out, like springs —Diane Wakoski

    This simile is the title of a poem which begins with yet another simile: “A little spirit in me that’s wound up like a clock.”

  • The heart is like a creeping plant, which withers unless it has something around which it can entwine —Charles James Apperley
  • Without a loved one my heart’s like a beet root choked with chickweed —A Broken-Hearted Gardener, anonymous 19th century verse
  • - As the seat of feeling and intellect, heart has been used since around 825.

    See also related terms for intellect .

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