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How To Remove An Expired Exchange 2007/ 2010 Certificate and Create A New Certificate

how to fix expired certificate

When you start Outlook you may receive a message from your outlook clients that the certificate is no longer valid. This is down to your self signed certificates expiring. A self signed certificate is used so that the Exchange server and the Outlook client trust each other and can connect without any issues.

We need to remove the expired certificate from Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 and then create a new certificate and allocate the correct services to the new certificate. There are two ways we can do this, this guide will show you how to remove the current expired certificate and create a new self signed, the other option is to remove the certificate with the guide below and then use a certificate from a trusted certificate authority such as GoDaddy . I recommend you use a certificate from a trusted CA.

This will show a screen similar to the below, search for the date that is expired I have high lighted it below. Also copy and paste the “Thumbprint” to notepad. as we will need that.

expired exchange 2007 certificate removal

remove Exchange 2007 Certificate

As you can see, this

cert has expired so we need to remove it. To do so run the command below. Replacing the thumbprint with YOUR thumbprint.

Once done we now need to create a new certificate. You can create a UCC certificate request on GoDaddy  and import a purchased certificate ( recommended ) or you can create a self signed certificate with the command below.

This will create a new certificate for you, we now need this thumbprint so we can allocate a service to it. so enter again..

Again make a note of your new thumbprint.

Now we are going to allocate the service to the new certificate. To do this we run the command below each time for each service. So run it for “Smtp”,”IIS”,”IMAP” and “POP” if you require it. Remember to replace the thumbprint with the one you copied to notepad earlier.

enable exchange 2007 certificate and apply services

You wil get asked if you would like all services to go on this certificate select “A” and it will allocate the services. If you want to allocate the services manually then run the above command again for each service, IIS,POP,SMTP or IMAP.

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