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How to Block Unwanted Calls Through Verizon Wireless

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Verizon Wireless offers a simple Web form that lets subscribers block calls from up to five unwanted phone numbers. The free call-blocking service is good for 90 days; after it expires, you can renew it any number of times.


You can block calls directly on some smartphones. Android, iPhones and Windows Phones all have call blocking features built directly into the software.

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Enter your Verizon user ID or mobile phone number.

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Select a mobile device for which you want to enable call blocking by clicking its icon. Enter up to five phone numbers of callers to block. Click the Submit button.


  • You can un-block phone numbers by bringing up the call blocking page, deleting the numbers from the list, and clicking the Submit button.
  • With Verizon’s FamilyBase feature, you can permanently block up to 20 numbers.
  • You can add your phone number(s) to the free federal Do Not Call registry to help prevent future, unsolicited telemarketing calls.
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