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How To Use Filters to Forward Certain Emails In Gmail To Another Email Address Automatically

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Gmail's filter is one of many great features in Gmail that make us easy to manage the incoming email. Using filters you can automatically forward certain incoming emails to other email addresses based on some specific parameters like From. To. Subject. Has the words. Doesn't have. Has attachment. and Don't include chats .

On May 2013, I wrote about how to create a Blogger contact page using the official contact form. The contact form is official from Blogger so all messages from the contact form are being sent to the Gmail email associated with the Blogger account, but some visitor of this blog wants the messages are not being sent to the connected Gmail email, but to the another email address (either Gmail or non-Gmail email).

I actually got it fixed, but I now need to know how to switch the email address that the contact form goes to. I want to change this from

my gmail to my new personal domain email Rebekah Rose I have set the forum up, thanks. However the messages are being sent to my Gmail Account but then not forward on to the email i have set up. Can you help with this? Karl Young

You can't change the contact forms recipient's email because Google doesn't provide us with some email settings that we can change. But of course you can use the filter feature in Gmail to automatically forward all incoming emails from the Blogger's contact form, and because all messages sent from Blogger's contact form has the same title, we can use the Title (subject) parameter to identify the emails need to be forwarded to.

For example, all messages sent from Komku's contact form have the same title [Komku | Technology Blog] New Message received. so we can use the title parameter to filter this email. Please follow the steps below:

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