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How to forward mail

how to forward mail


Sep 7th, 2010 @ 07:31 pm › sylvain

ok I know this article seems rather simple and something you think you wouldn’t need an article for but I had forgotten where to go to do my Telus account e-mail settings and after searching on Google for a bit, I found absolutely nothing on that topic so I figured I better document it here in case someone else runs into the same question.

1) Go to If you haven’t gone there in a while, you likely will have to pick language and also province you are coming from.

2) Click on the “Your account: Telus Account & e.Bill” link. Yeah I know, not rocket science here but I did forget.

3) Login with your username/password. That should be the same as the first part of the e-mail and the e-mail password

4) Once logged in, under Products and Services, click on “View Details / Modify” link for Telus High Speed

5) Find the e-mail box you want to forward and click on “Update Forwarding” link

6) Select the checkbox and enter the e-mail address you want to forward to and click update

7) Voila

Now the reasons I am forwarding my e-mail address after about 8 years is that I got tired of Telus e-mail for the following reasons

1) You can only send

an e-mail from a pop client if you are within the Telus network. Bit of a pain since I now have an iPhone and a laptop.

2) To compensate for 1, you can use their webmail access but it is rather slow. Also they only have 50 MB of space on their server for you. That was ok in 2002 but nowadays you would expect GBs

3) I have more than one device accessing the server and was getting tired of dealing with the same e-mails over and over again. I guess I could have deleted them from the server when the client downloaded it but I prefer keeping some e-mails for records so bit hard to do that.

I now use Google Apps Standard edition which is free and gives me IMAP, decent webmail access (some would call it best in class but I don’t like how they merge threads into a single one a common complaint for gmail), 7.5 GB of space, tons of articles on how to configure things (iPhone, Mail client, Outlook, you name it), and ability to create up to 50 e-mail accounts. Can’t beat that. I guess my only charge is to renew my domain once a year but I have to do that anyway to keep this blog running and keep all my fans happy. Well the 2 that would read all the way here anyway.

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