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How can I increase my weight and gain weight faster?

This how to increase weight fast and quickly article is written for thin skinny people who want to put on solid extra pounds of weight to their scrawny body frame quickly and healthily.

If you are tired of being underweight all your life, fed up with all the unkind nicknames your friends are calling you or sick of being the butt of jokes, then you have come to the right place to get the awesome information on how you can increase your body weight and size quickly.

That's right, you can put on weight even if you are genetically programed to be thin. The secret is to know how to do it and then just do it and you will be amazed by the result.

Hi Future Hunk,

Yes, I have just greeted you as a future hunk and I don't think that I've made a mistake because you are not reading this article by accident. Yes, I know that sounded like a corny cliche, but aren't you here because you have decided to do something about your bag of bones and are looking for solid effective information or best weight gain supplements, not merely just how to put on weight, but handsome muscular weight, am I right?

Okay, I understand why some of you are skeptical about becoming a future hunk since you have tried everything you think possible to increase weight but without success. Well, see that guy on the left? He is Vince DelMonte and he used to be a bag of skinny skin and bones. He was even once given the nickname "Skinny Vinny".

Yes, he was what people would call a hardgainer or an ectomorph. If this picture does not convince you that thin and skinny people can put on weight quickly and healthily, then there is no point for you to continue reading the article. Then stay being thin until you pick up your determined courage and make a commitment to put on the pounds to become a beefy hunk.

Yes, you can do it. The only one that can stop you from putting on more weight is only yourself, your mindset.

However, If you believe that it is your given birthright and destiny to become a future hunk, then your journey to fabulous weight gain begins now! Don't let anyone or any excuse hold you back. You owe it to yourself to get that fabulous beach hunk physique and not anyone else! Is that clear enough? Good. Let's begin.

You know something? When you are committed and is determined to get rid of your thin and skinny body frame, I can predict that you are on your way to become an irresistible handsome stud real soon. Don't just take my word for it. Go get your hands on the correct information, I have to say that again, CORRECT information, and just do it.

If you take firm action with the right information, I can guarantee you that you will gain muscular weight and get that attractive body that you desire in the shortest time possible. When inspired action is taken, providence moves.

So what is the big deal if you have been the thin and skinny hardgainer guy all your life? So what if you have tried everything that you possibly can to put on that extra pounds but all your efforts were in vain?

I also know that you have been told over and over again that it is difficult to gain weight because of your genetic make up and so to give up fighting Mother Nature. If you believe that crap, then stop reading this article because you would have already given up!

However by virtue that you are still here, I know that you don't believe those well intentioned but ill advised notion that you can't put on weight because you have found this article. Otherwise, you wouldn't have been bothered to look for more information on how to increase your weight, right?

Is it true that thin skinny people cannot gain weight? Nope, not true at all! Thin guys can indeed put on weight and put them on fast! I know, because I have trained many delighted scrawny underweight clients to successfully put on pounds and pounds of muscle weight with Vince Delmonte's Skinny Guy Secrets To Insane Weight Gain.

If you are still with me champs, here we go. The healthy weight gain article below is contributed by former skinny hardgainer fella just like you and now a weight gain expert Vince Delmonte.

How to put on weight guide and tips for thin people

Do you want to learn how to increase your weight faster? I am sure you do because this article has captured your attention and chances are that you are sick and tired of not seeing your weight on

the weighing scale budge upwards. You may have just gotten home from a giant buffet dinner and yet the weighing scale won't budge at all.

You could live on sheer junk food for every meal but your highly charged metabolism would simply burn all the calories off. In a world that is obsessed with losing weight, you find it hard to put on weight and is terribly underweight! What an exasperating and frustrating irony!

Are you sick and tired of people teaching you how to put on weight? Those advises would probably sound like this: "All you have to do is eat, eat, and eat some more to gain more weight. blah blah blah" or "Weight gain is just a matter of eating more and take some weight gain supplements. " or "You just need to overload your metabolism to put on weight. "

C'mon guys, if simply by eating more can help you gain weight, then you wouldn't be so thin and underweight because you have tried stuffing yourself until your face turned blue with food, haven't you? Is increasing weight so difficult?

Don't throw me to the crocodiles just quite just yet. There are certainly some truths to the those statements and some of those analogies can prove to be rather useful. I think I am even guilty of preaching a few of those!

But as you know, it is absolutely not enough to just eat and eat yourself big, right? I know this perfectly well because I have been there. I used to be a thin skinny weakling who was the butt of hurting jokes. Now I am having the last laugh and so can you!

Now, the problem with those well intentioned advice is that they are usually followed up with the same old regurgitated blah, blah, blah that only tells you what to do and do not reveal the practical how-to do it action-steps.

Do you agree that you must take correct and informed action to succeed in anything? Are you committed enough to put on pounds and pounds of solid muscular weight? If you are, then take action to put on weight now!

If you have been struggling for your entire life trying to pack on extra muscle mass and still consider yourself underweight, then you are not alone. People who are predispositioned to being thin and skinny are commonly called "hardgainers." This is a cool way to label your scrawny thin frame despite the fact that your body turns into a number 2 pencil girth when you are wearing yellow! Do you consider that as being cool?

You don't? Excellent! Then it is time take that dogged determined action to put on and increase your weight. Not just put on some lumpy body fat weight to lug around with, but handsome well toned muscular weight. You want to be a handsome beach hunk, not a beer belly oaf with love handles to the boot, right?

How To Grow from a skinny punk to a muscular hunk!

It is really not your fault for being skinny, scrawny and thin ectomorph. The stark hard truth is that you have been cursed or blessed (it depends on who's opinion) with traits like a F1 Formula Race charged metabolism, giraffe like limbs and the puny strength of a frail old man.

You have to fight with every cell in your body to do something about your scrawny frame and to keep up with your buddies who seem to grow muscle just by just sneezing and seriously, those muscle beach hunks used to pissed me off just as much like you do!

The happy situation now is that I am now no longer a skinny punk and is now one of those muscular hunks. You too can be a handsome muscular stud if you want to and take immediate action to get your wish granted. Listen to my video where I show you how I get from a skinny punk to a muscular hunk here.

Athough you may think that your genetic disposition have sentenced you to a life of frailty, I am a living proof that hardgainers with very 'muscle-unfriendly genes' can overcome their skinny genetic DNA and gain muscle weight.

I defeated my skinny genetics just after college and I am about to show you a few tips in this article that helped me climb from a 148 pound weakling skinny punk to a rock hard muscled 190 pounds hunk in just six months. Yes, you've read that right! From punk to hunk in just 6 short months and so can you!

Believe me, nobody has worse genetics for building muscles and gaining weight than an ex-long distance runner who abused his body with 60-80 miles of running per week for more than a decade. You want proof? Here are my pics.

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