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How to take care of a sick person

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Sickness weakens the body. To gain strength and get well quickly, special care is needed. The care a sick person receives is frequently the most important part of his treatment.


1. Why should you care for a sick person

A sick person needs love and constant encouragement. A person who is sick should rest in a quiet, comfortable place with plenty of fresh air and light. When they're sick, you can spoil them a little bit, like giving them a healthy treat, a new toy, a new CD, etc..The person should keep from getting too hot or cold. If the air is cold or the person is chilled, cover them with a

sheet or blanket. If the room is hot, or the person has a fever, they may need only a light sheet over them. Fever is the body's way of fighting infection- germs don't like hot temperatures any more than people do! However, if fever is causing discomfort it can be controlled with NSAIDS (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) or herbal remedies. You can tell if a person is sick by a thermometer or if they have a hot forehead.

2. Liquids

In nearly every sickness, especially when there is fever,or diarrhea, the sick person should drink plenty of liquids. how to gain better memory

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