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How to get a brokers license

how to get a brokers license

Through, you will be able to apply for your own interstate freight broker license, secure process agents for all 48 continental states, and satisfy the surety bond/trust fund requirement, and get your license in just 3-4 weeks. You can also order our "How to Start a Freight Brokerage Service" start up book. For information about a freight broker seminar in a city near you, call us TOLL FREE: (888)-414-1874.

Plus, our Freight Broker Assistance Plan will help guide you down the path to success as you start to operate your business


1. There is no exam required to be a freight broker. Some "schools" suggest there is. Not true. Any exam is their internal exam, not an official government entrance exam. School is not required. You just need to file an application, have a legal agent in each of the 48 continental states to receive legal process (lawsuit papers) and either a bond or a trust fund agreement.

2. Most freight broker training programs exist to recruit agents who earn 50-60% of a sale. The rest goes to the broker. Each agent in a typical training class is potentially worth $100K to a broker. Many broker "schools" make YOU pay for the training. They run brokerages as their main business and they don't really want to teach you to compete with them. Many teach you what they think you need to know to work for them.

3. You will earn 100% of the deal if you become the broker. But you need unbiased training.

4. This is not information most freight broker schools want you to know. We are looking out for YOUR interests and we want you to succeed long term because we have a vested interest in your renewing your trust fund agreement. When you renew your trust fund agreement each year, we earn money. We are essentially partners in success.

5. When you're ready to be your own boss, cut out the middle man and make the big money in brokering, call us TOLL FREE: (888) 414-1874. We'll show you the basics for free if you get your license and Trust Fund set up through us.

Are you just thinking about becoming a freight broker but not sure if you're read to take the next step? Then our $30 how-to start-up book is for you.

This start-up manual


*94 page step-by-step freight broker guide to success

*Resource and contact section

*Sample carrier/Broker Agreement

*Sample Load Confirmation and Rate Agreement

*Sample Contract Labor Receipt

*Sample Invoice


Participate in a full day of freight broker training for brokers, agents, carriers and shippers. Offered online for $399 and at various locations nationwide from $349. Workshop Instructor (USDOT Practitioner) James P. Lamb provides new and veteran brokers, agents, carriers and shippers with an introduction to the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the transportation industry.

Workshop/Webinar Topics:

*Introduction to Brokering & the Trucking Industry

*Understanding How the Players in Freight Brokering Interact

*Setting up a Business Entity (Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation or LLC)

*Federal Licensing and Bonding

*Ensuring a Positive Cash Flow

*Selling and Marketing Your Business

*Finding Freight and Trucks in the 21st Century

*Freight Rate Development


When you apply through us, your BOC-3 process agent filing is included (you need an agent in each state to accept legal papers for you; we have a network of agents in place, we let you use this network and we arrange for the required USDOT BOC-3 filing).

Simply stated, we’re the only application filing and training service offered by a USDOT-Licensed Practitioner, who is the president of the freight broker trade group. Before you choose an application filing and training service, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Our one-day seminar is a bona fide training class that covers all relevant freight broker training topics. It is not a sales pitch aimed merely at selling you a full week’s worth of training. 98% of our attendees rate this program a 4 or 5 in all areas on a scale of 1 to 5. We think that says it all. Take a look at our services. We think the answer will be perfectly clear.

FB License Filing Yes

MC Number in 1 Hour Yes

USDOT-Licensed Rep. Yes

Freight Broker Agent Job PlacementYes

Process Agents for all 50 states Yes

*Bond/Trust Fund Agreements from just $1,000/year

Trust Funds offered through our partner Pacific Financial. Requires cash collateral. Other credit plans available at additional cost.

Contract Negotiations Training?Yes

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