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How to Become a Free Member on Club Penguin

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Club Penguin is a popular site for children that promotes online activity in a safe and monitored environment. The site contains games geared toward children as well as a filtered chat program and staff members keeping watch over the exchanges. Although you get access to more features with a paid membership, you can still sign up as a free member on Club Penguin.


Go to the home page of Club Penguin. Select the "Play Now" option in order to navigate to the login screen. From here, you can choose the "Create a Free Account" link.

Read through the rules before you become a free member of Club Penguin. Rules include no swearing, bullying or giving out personal information. You are also not permitted to cheat at the games. You must place a check mark in the appropriate box in order to agree to the terms and continue registering.

Design your penguin. To continue,

you need to choose a name for your penguin as well as her color. You cannot use your own name, and you must choose a unique name that has yet to be entered into the database.

Decide on a password in order to protect your account. You also need to provide a valid email address for one of your parents.

Activate the account. To finish creating a free Club Penguin account, your parent must click on the activation link provided in an email sent from the site. The email will also contain the login name and password associated with the account.

Set chat restrictions on Club Penguin. After activation, the parent can choose whether to allow the child to communicate through Standard Safe or Ultimate Safe Chat. The child needs to use preapproved phrases for Ultimate Safe Chat, while Standard Chat merely filters any attempts at writing curse words or giving out personal information.

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