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How to Use Feng Shui to Get a Job

Get out and meet people!

QUESTION: I was recently laid off from a high-tech company. Can you give me any tips on improving my chances of finding a job?

ANSWER: Here is a quick list of ideas that may help the big picture…

1. Clear clutter – create space for a new job to enter….do not let that box of junk from your old desk sit there and wait for a new office….put it all away. And when you need it again, pack it up neatly and off you go. Clean your car too if it gets you to work.

2. Shine up the front door by washing it, oiling the hinges, and perhaps adding a new welcome mat, chime, or potted plant.

3. Add water element near the front door, either just inside or just outside with the intention of getting you in the flow of a good job.

4. Add red in your life. Red activates, so this may help you stay in action looking for a job and avoid the couch potato syndrome. A new red tee shirt or undies can go a long way here with the right intention.

5. Enhance the fame and reputation gua of the house AND EACH

ROOM to double up on getting the spotlight on you. That would be the center back area of the home and each room from where you enter the home or room. Make a conscious effort to clean here and add the fire element (red stuff, candles, sun, fire, stars, etc.) or symbols of your fame (your picture, any awards, diplomas, etc) to any of these spots to attract that special job. Just keeping a small light on in this gua for 9 or 27 days can help.

6. It can’t hurt to get the helpful people box involved here. Take a small silver box (or envelope ) and place it in the front right-hand area of the home with the intention of bringing the right help your way to find a job. Write down anybody’s name that can help you or a simple affirmation (like “I am now happily employed by the perfect company for me.”) and place it in the box.

7. If you want a more ritualistic cure, make it a point to meet 9 new people each day for 27 consecutive days…..introduce yourself to the cashier at the supermarket if you have to, but do it and you will see that special job come your way.

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