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How to get old bank statements

how to get old bank statements

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Contacting the Bank

Request copies of your bank statements in person or in writing. The bank will need some photo identification, like your driver license or a passport. Provide identifying information for the bank account, such as the account number, when you opened and closed it and the closing balance. The representative might also require additional proof that you are the owner of the account. You could show a bank statement you already have or an ATM card that bears your name.

Requesting Account Statements

When you ask for your account statements, give a date range for the statements you'd like to reproduce. Note that banks are only obligated to keep records for five years and each bank decides whether to keep them for a longer period. Your bank may not be able to retrieve records for an account that you closed over five years ago.

Receiving Account Statements

If your account statements are still in the system, the representative might be able to pull them up immediately and print copies for you. If not, it could take a few days for a staff member to search in the archived records. The bank might mail the

statements to you, ask you to return to pick them up or provide access to them online. Expect to pay a fee for the service. The amount varies by institution. It is typically charged per statement but there might be additional fees. For instance, Chase Bank charges $6 per statement and a research fee of $25 per hour for archived documents.

Finding Statements Online

You might have online access to a recently closed account if you managed some of your bank transactions online. Most banks provide online access to closed accounts for some time if you are still registered for online access. If your statements are available, you can view and print them without having to pay a fee.

Obtaining Account Statements from a Failed Bank

When a bank fails, another bank might acquire it or the FDIC might gain control of uninsured deposits or run it until it can find an institution that will acquire it. If your closed account was in a bank that failed, contact the holder of the accounts to retrieve your statements. If the FDIC is currently managing the bank's holdings, you may contact the agency at 1-800-523-8089 to ask for a copy of your account statements.

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