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How to get rid of a dog tick

I did it ... with an eye twitch

Get Rid of Your Eyelid Twitch

This guest posy is by Sarah Wagner Yost of .

Have you ever tried to have an adult conversation with someone but couldn’t concentrate because your eyelid was twitching?

It might be a neurological malfunction. It might, as the superstition says, mean that money will cross your hands soon.

More likely, it’s because your jaw is tight. Do you clench your teeth or grind them at night? If your neck and shoulders get tight when you’re stressed. your jaw is probably also involved. You might also feel a weird itch inside your ear or have a runny nose with no cause.

You can make it stop

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If muscles are to blame, self massage will take care of it. If it doesn’t, check with your doctor to rule out anything more serious.

A trigger point is like a hot little spitfire of a muscle which wreaks random havoc. It often refers pain and seemingly unrelated symptoms to other parts of the body. That’s why trigger points in your mouth can cause your eyelid twitch.

When working on your own trigger points, press as hard as you can stand but not harder. More is not more. You’ll know you’re on a trigger point because it will hurt but in a good way. It will feel satisfying, like you’re scratching an itch.

Get relief in five minutes

  1. You’ll be sticking your fingers in your mouth so go wash your hands.
  2. Go on, wash them. This will just take a few minutes.
  3. Stick your pointer

    finger inside your cheek and find the hard muscle near the back. This is the masseter muscle. It goes up and down and is the first hard muscle you’ll feel in the cheek.

  4. Move your finger to the top of the muscle, next to the upper gums and press firmly. You’re looking for the spots that zing. Press each spot for about 30 seconds using all of the pressure you can stand, which may be very little for the first few days. That’s just fine. Pressing hard will not make it better faster. It will likely make it worse. Inch your way around the entire muscle, stopping on any tender spots.
  5. The next area you’ll work is the gum line above your upper back teeth. Poke around the gumline and massage the zingy areas.

You don’t have to marry this

Four days is plenty for this technique. Do this for five minutes, three times a day for four days or until you stop finding zingers.

Just working those two spots on both sides should bring pretty quick relief of symptoms. You’ll be surprised at how sensitive you are the first couple of times. The sensitivity will get better fast. You’ll get relief from the twitch, jaw pain and itchy ear pretty quickly.

Do you ever suffer eyelid twitch? Have you tried anything to make it stop?

Sarah is a mind-body coach who helps stressed out moms rock it without guilt. If you’ve ever felt bad for saying no, Sarah’s your girl. Working with her is better than Valium. Grab her RSS feed here and follow her on Twitter .

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