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Help get rid of Scorpions - have dogs

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yerr_sister (92683)

I just moved here to Arizona and I may sound naive, but the main thing I've learned here and other sites is that poisoning them seems NOT to be the answer. But getting rid of the insects that they DO eat seems to help, especially crickets. Another thing I'm thinking is that perhaps these natural enemies of scorpions may also help:

Ray Scheel (z8b/SS31 E. TX)

Our level of infestation was nowhere close to what was described in the opening post, but we did have a problem and the scorpions did become more noticable for a while after initial fumigation efforts failed (as they were driven out of hiding but not killed). Here is what I remember doing:

1. Removed all brush and scorpion cover from around hte house, including soem bits of bark mulch left over from the previous owner.

2. Spread durusban granuled under the house (on stilts) and then used a hose sprayer of diazanon to "paint" the pillars and steps and to water in the durusban.

3. Took the cats to the vet for several days of boarding.

3. Since the trim had been installed wrong anyway, I pulled the baseboards and the trim around the doors to get poison deep into the crevices. I also removed electrical outlet covers and emptied all cabinets, including transferring all of our non-refridgerated foodstuffs into plastic bags.

4. Put boric acid

into all aourlet boxes, around doorframes, under the kitchen counters, and along where hte baseboards would go - anyplace a cat couldn't get at.

5. Set off a bug bomb in each room and three in the attic.

6. Went to San Antonio for the weekend to let things in the house settle out.

7. Swept up piles of dead bugs and scorps, fixed trim in the "cat's room" so we could keep them in there safely until I got the rest of the trim up.

8. Sprayed foam around the outside of all electrical boxes to seal against the drywall and took similar action around the doorframes and as pipes came through walls. Used those exterior box sealing gaskets when replacing the outlet covers. Tacked up trim and caulked all edges so nothing could squeeze through. This sealed a layer of boric acid in all the places a scorp or bug might crawl though aside for weatherstripping on moving parts of doors and windows, so that they'd be forsed to wade through the stuff after coming in from outside before finding a way into the interior.

Now only 1-2 a year get in, generally meeting thier end at via a cat's claw in teh entryway or when noticed by a sink. Removing debris from the yard and fumigating the attic are probably the two most effective things I did for immediate relief, and sealing the house provided the long term cure.

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