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How to get rid of flab after weight loss

how to get rid of flab after weight loss

Running has always kept my legs very fit.

However, is this a case of bad genes? Is this your only "trouble" spot? If so, its going to be a hard area to entirely perfect. Everyone that I know that has tried lipo ends up with all or most of the fat deposits back within 3 years.

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Yes, this is pretty much my only trouble spot, I'm working out and toning the rest and it seems to be working. That's interesting that lipo hasn't worked for them, but maybe they didn't keep it up after they had it done? I may try running, if that works, but I really hate it (not a lot of fun, and hard on the body). I do a lot of dance almost every day and it hasn't really helped with that area either. I'm thinking I need to specifically target the inner thighs, anyone try the thigh master, or is that bs?

Anyone else have any suggestions?

Friday, May 20, 2005, 10:42 AM

Theoretically, the thigh master might work, but if you a have a gym membership, you might

be better off using the thigh press. Then you can both use your thighs to squeeze and push, working inside and outside. The exercises will help, but I'm not sure if the thighmaster itself is good. Never tried it.

Also, one thing to think about. If you're toning up and losing fat everywhere but the thighs,maybe that's the area where your body naturally wants to store fat? I don't know that liposuction like this is something that you can "keep up with." Even if you get lipo, and continue with a healthy diet and exercise, your body may still build up that store of fat.

do lunges- a lot of them!

Do you do lunges? Lunges are such an amazing exercise, that if you do them right you can see great results. I have this inner thigh problem too, and I understand the "chub rub" of wearing skirts and dresses, its no fund at the end of the day or night. I recently saw a tv ad for a product that is supposed to help chafing that was Monistat brand, try checking that out in the meantime, I am going to as well!

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