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How to get to port authority bus terminal

how to get to port authority bus terminal

Taxi, Limo, or Express Bus

Subway / Bus Combo

Limo / Helicopter

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The trip from from midtown Manhattan to LaGuardia Airport is dreaded by many, as it is the closest airport to the City, with the least amount of choices of travel - Sometimes it seems like the ride out to the airport is longer and more arduous than the flight itself. In New York, both LaGuardia Airport and JFK are located in Queens and logistical know-how often carries the day in getting to both of them. Located at 90-01 Grand Central Parkway in Astoria, Queens, LaGuardia Airport (LGA for short) is the 2 nd largest airport in the New York area and primarily handles domestic flights in the US rather than general New York Flights. LaGuardia Airport is geographically the closest to Manhattan of the three NYC-area airports, but routes and methods for reaching LGA from Manhattan differ in cost, reliability, and comfort.

LaGuardia Airport Using Your Own Car

The Grand Central Parkway that stretches across Long Island abuts the LGA property. From Midtown you can shoot through the Midtown Tunnel, take the Long Island Expressway to the Grand Central Parkway going toward the Triboro Bridge, roll past Shea Stadium, and on a good day you'll be at LaGuardia Airport in about 35 minutes. On a bad day, you might get stuck in Midtown Tunnel traffic, or on the Long Island Expressway near Queens Blvd. for about 15-20 minutes. Long-term parking is available at LaGuardia on a limited basis.

Taxi, Limo, or Express Bus to LaGuardia Airport

If you don't have a car, a taxi or limo might be the choice for you. My yellow cab got me from 42nd Street & Vanderbilt to LaGuardia in just under 40 minutes, and the fare was $27, plus $4.50 for the Triboro Bridge toll, and a gratuity. A private limo is clearly the height of luxury, but the fares start around $50. The New York Airport express bus from Grand Central or Port Authority Bus Terminal to LaGuardia runs between 7:20 AM and 11 PM, so red-eye travelers are out of luck. However, its fare is a moderate $12, and, again, depending on the time of day and the weather, it’will take you about 45-60 minutes (after you’have made it to Grand Central or the PA) to get to LaGuardia There are shared-ride, on-demand van services like Super Shuttle, which will pick you up anywhere in Manhattan, and get you out to LaGuardia Airport in about 45-50 minutes. The fare is usually around $15. Airlink provides the same service for $13. When I called for a blue Super Shuttle van, it arrived on time, traffic was light, but the van made a few pickups at hotels - which felt like a bus tour of New York - it took me 53 minutes to get to LaGuardia from a W.

45th Street starting point.

Subway/Bus Combo to LGA - Cheapest Method

With a little exercise, you can travel to LaGuardia Airport for just $2. There are two basic ways to do this - the first is to get to any New York subway station where you can make a free transfer to the M60 LaGuardia bus - This bus runs across 125st in Manhattan and then into Queens and up to LaGuardia Airport - the most optimal subway stations to get this bus are Astoria Boulevard in Queens (N and W lines) or one of the three 125 Street stations in Manhattan that serve 4,5 and 6 lines, 2 and 3 lines or the A,B,C,D lines. If you exit one of these stations you will find an M60 MTA bus that is both regular and reliable. Many of our subway testers have found the Astoria Boulevard route is the best, but that assumes that the N and W lines are running properly. This method of getting to LaGuardia Airport will take about 45 minutes from midtown Manhattan, longer if you use one of the more westerly subway stations.

If that section of New York is having problems (The 2006 power outage in Queens that lasted 5 days played havoc with the New York Subway system) a popular alternative is to take the 7 train out to 74th Street in Corona (it has escalators, and the E, F, G, R, and V trains also stop there), go downstairs, and ride the Q33 bus to LGA (also a free transfer with your MetroCard). It, too, takes about 20 minutes after your 15-minute ride on the 7 train. If it's a weekday, remember to take a local 7 train, as express trains bypass 74th Street. Keep in mind, however, that if you’re going to the Marine Air Terminal, you need to take the Q47 bus from 74th Street, since the Q33 does not stop there.

Going to LGA on the Subway/Bus At Night

At night, the options available to those using public transit to reach LaGuardia Airport change a bit. On the West side, only the 2 train runs to 125th Street, and on the East side only the 4 and 6 trains go to 125th. The 7 train always runs to 74th Street, day or night. After midnight, the trains run every 20 minutes, and the buses to LaGuardia are almost an hour apart. If you're catching a red-eye out of LGA, consult before you go. During the day, the buses and trains run about 8-10 minutes apart. Don't forget to enjoy the spectacular views of Manhattan if you're riding the 7 train, right after it emerges from Hunterspoint Avenue.

All in all, using the bus/train combination to get to LaGuardia is usually relatively painless, except of course during the 7-10 AM and 4-8 PM rush hours, when crowds will make movement with luggage challenging.

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