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How to get to terminal 3

how to get to terminal 3

How to get from Don Muang airport to the city of Bangkok

Don Muang Airport is a very feasible option for passengers in and out of Bangkok

Even as Don Muang is now the secondary airport in Bangkok, there is still plenty of traffic coming in and out especially with the relocation of the low cost airlines to this hub. There is much discussion and disagreement online in our research as to how much one can expect to pay when trying to get from the Airport to the city. For those looking for how to transfer from Don Muang to Suvarnabhumi see our tip on the free interairport shuttle here .

One may take the local train and the local buses across the road from the airport from anywhere between 5 and 25 baht. These will arrive to the central rail station and other main spots like victory monument. In terms of time and value these options are not very desirable since the buses arrive from a further location and are usually quite full already. The trains run very slowly and usually once an hour, one can be stuck waiting for or waiting in one of these means of transit for quite some time. Should one wish to catch a local bus to Mo Chit. head across the elevated pedestrian walkway out to the main road in front of the airport and get bus 29, 49 or 59 headed in the direction

of the city. The benefit of these buses is that they run 24/7.

The most practical and efficient way to get to town is to either take a taxi or a bus from Don Muang airport to the closest BTS/Metro stop. which is Mo Chit. When taking the taxi from the stand outside the airport one will see that a 50 Baht surcharge applies for the driver. The cost to Mo Chit is around 100 Baht give or take a little, but do not allow your driver to tell you it is 200 or as we’ve seen upwards of 390. (This is as expensive as getting a trip across town to the other airport). Insist on using the meter and tell them you know 100 Baht to be the price (plus the 50 airport surcharge). Note if your route includes any toll booths you as the passenger are expected to pay the toll fare.

Recently we have received some updates from travelers regarding public buses leaving from the Airport to Mo Chit. We have been told there is a A1 bus awaiting just outside the terminal, it takes around 30 minutes and the fare is 30 bhat. No real schedules are available online, but travelers have noted that timetables run between 08:30 and 23:30 each day.

Once you arrive at Mo Chit the BTS skytrain and metro will take you wherever you need to go in the city proper for very reasonable fares.

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