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How to go to changi point ferry terminal

how to go to changi point ferry terminal


Location of towns of departure and jetties to various islands off Terengganu.

Location of Kampung jetty, airstrip, village, main beaches and only road on Redang.

The simplest way to travel to Redang is by Berjaya Air which offers direct flights to the island from Kuala Lumpur's Subang Airport and Singapore's Changi Airport Budget Terminal.

Other visitors should head for Shahbandar jetty in Kuala Terengganu (KT) or Merang jetty depending on which ferry they are taking. Some resorts operate their own ferries which usually leave from Merang jetty direct to the resort. Other resorts will make use of the public ferry which leaves from Shahbandar jetty to the Kampung jetty in Redang, after which passengers will transfer to other boats heading for the resorts. These ferry transfers are usually included in the resort's package price.

Visitors arriving at KT airport or KT coach station can arrange with their resorts for pickup and transfer to either jetty for a small additional fee. Just inform the resort your date and time of arrival and departure together with flight or coach details. The resort can advise you when to check out to catch your boat back to the mainland for your connecting flight or coach. Visitors can also catch a cab from the airport or coach station. Some coach companies operate direct services to Shahbandar jetty and Merang jetty. Visitors driving their own vehicles can park at Merang jetty or at one of the many public carparks in downtown KT. There are no train services to KT.

On Redang, there are no water taxis and no roads connecting the different beaches. The only road on the island connects the Kampung jetty at one end to Berjaya

resort at the other end and passes by the airport and the island's only village (kampung). Visitors arriving at Redang airport or the Kampung jetty should pre-arrange with their resorts for transfers between the airport and the resort.

Most ferries leave for Redang in the morning so plan to arrive in KT or Merang earlier in the morning to allow sufficient time to catch the ferry. Other than the private resort ferries and the one public ferry operator, there are no other regular scheduled boat services between Redang and the mainland. Boat charters are available but cost from MYR500 and would only make economical sense if you have enough group members to share out the cost. For safety reasons, boats do not travel at night.

Getting to Redang from Perhentian or Lang Tengah

If you are visiting Redang from Perhentian or Lang Tengah islands, you should charter a boat as there are no scheduled services between these islands. It's usually easier to charter a boat from Perhentian to Redang or to Lang Tengah than the other way around as there are many private boat operators in Perhentian, many of whom operate the water taxi services there.

Scheduled ferries to Redang

The public ferry at KT Shahbandar jetty (top) and at the Kampung jetty in Redang. The ferry is operated by Sejahtera Ferry Services Sdn.Bhd. (T: +609-6225233 | M: +6016-4160338).

Don't confuse Merang with Marang, which is another town south of KT. Merang jetty is 40 minutes by road from KT and the nearest point on the mainland to Redang. At Merang, each resort has its own jetty and check-in areas along the river with public carparks just by the side of the road.

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