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Pediatrics /tick bite that won't heal

how to heal a tick bite



My 3 year old son was bit back in Febuary by a tick. I have no idea how long the tick had been there. Found it because I noticed he kept scratching. Found a picture of it on the internet.

It was the american dog tick. Tick was VERY tiny. I am assuming I removed the whole tick being that I kept it alive for 2 weeks. I noticed he had approx. 9 ulcerated looking spots on his scalp, along with swollen lymph nodes at the base of his skull. Called his pediatrician. Was told to keep an eye out for rash and fever. Developed a fever 2 weeks after discovering tick, but he also had a runny nose. Took him to doctor who prescribed augmentin 600 2x a day for 10 days. Was told to use over counter hydrocortisone and give him benadryl as well. Problem continued. Told them I had the tick still alive, they weren't interested in testing it. Was given cephalaxen 350 3xday for 10 days. Problem continued. Doctor finally did a test for staph and strep. Came back negative. Then given samples of bactroban to use. Problem continued, 2-3 months have elapsed. One lymph node becomes painful. Blood tests are done for white cell count and inflammation. Everything comes back normal. Have seen sons' pediatrician probably 6 times by now. Pediatrician refers us to ear nose throat doctor who prescribes another round of augmentin 600 and triamcinolone

acetonide ointment 2xday.(read that prolonged use could lead to fungal infection)

Sores begin to look a little better. Told not to worry about swollen lymph nodes which now run down side of neck as well. On second visit month later told to continue using ointment and make son somehow stop scratching. I take him to dermatologist who prescribes steroid cream, but cream causes sores to get worse. Month passes. On 2 or 3 visit to dermatologist she does a fungal test which comes back positive. Given grifulven for 30 days. A few sores heal, and others start to look better. But after stopping medication, some start to get a little worse. She is referring me to another dermatologist which we cannot get in to see until January. Each doctor has said they are puzzled and don't know what's going on. Dermatologist didn't want to look and determine if maybe I hadn't removed whole tick. Said it would have to be done surgically and she didn't want to subject a 3 year old to that. Was told lymph nodes were swollen and itchy because they had probably become scarred, and would take a long time to shrink. HELP!


Dear Wanda,

Instead of beating about the bush, I suggest you get one lymph node out for a biopsy and culture. Simple.

I understand that that will mean a surgery, but there is no easier and more viable option. He has suffered a

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