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How to increase fat loss

how to increase fat loss

I hope this finds you better than ever. In light of a bunch of questions recently on when to take Athletic Greens. Athletic Greens and fat loss, food and fat loss, belly fat and fat loss, fat loss and fat loss, and Athletic Greens vs. “post workout powder xyz” I decided to rip this one out.

It has been by FAR the most popular article I have ever written, now completely updated.

Lets start with my direction for 95% plus of people on how and when to take Athletic Greens.

Wake up, take 1 serving of Athletic Greens, ideally in water. Do this everyday. AND/OR take your serving of Athletic Greens immediately post workout (or depending on diet immediately prior to first meal of the day). For 95% of people, this is the be all and end all of how you take Athletic Greens.

PLEASE NOTE: It is NOT a meal replacement. I am going to say that often.

The  idea behind Athletic Greens, or “Why would you take Athletic Greens ?”

You take Athletic Greens to get a huge wallop of food-sourced and readily absorbable micronutrients (and get them IN to your system) every day. They have been pre selected for efficacy, quality, and combined in optimal amounts for synergistic impact.

Eating (and absorbing) sufficient micronutrients is VITAL for every function in your body. If you are missing out on even one essential nutrient, your health suffers. We can survive for a long time, but thrive is a different story.

At the same time as providing those micronutrients Athletic Greens works on your body’s ability to absorb ALL nutrients by improving gut health.

Improving gut health = increased nutrient absorption + lower inflammation

Since you know we need those nutrients, and inflammation is the number one cause of disease, you can see why this is useful.

Athletic Greens will also massively boost your immunity, detox (lightly) your liver, and do a host of other cool little things like give your brain a neurotransmitter boost, improve your body’s ability to withstand stress (via a host of adaptogens) and provide potent anti-oxidants aimed at improving cellular function and overall health.

  • Insurance against nutrient gaps in your diet
  • Even if you eat “perfectly” – insurance against nutrient gaps in your available food quality
  • Insurance against disease, toxicity, and immune suppression
  • And importantly insurance against problems with your GI tract impacting on your health and your absorption of nutrients.

That is it. It is not a meal replacement (who still eats these? please eat FOOD), it is not designed to be taken only on “cheat days” – it was designed to give you a DAILY leg up nutrition wise with a view to optimum health, energy, longevity,

and performance.

If you take it every day, it works. GI function will improve, micro-nutrient absorption will improve, immunity will improve, energy will improve. And yes, if you get those benefits in a row it will help with fat loss.

Overtraining, having your immunity depressed, feeling sick, gut health issues, post antibiotics, or about to go on a binge and eat a ton of stuff that is bad for you – all good times to up the dose dramatically – that is the other 5% of the recommendation.

But, that is not the “plan” – it is designed so that you take it EVERY day, and over time and in conjunction with smart eating, lifestyle and exercise choices you will look, feel, and perform better. You will also get sick a lot less often, improve health right down to the telomere level (the ends of your DNA strands, anti-oxidants have been shown to do this) and enjoy overall greater energy.

Ideally, all of these will make you happier. THAT is our goal with this product.

We are all running our lives. We are all athletes… Just at different levels.

Athletic Greens is there to help you take it the next level.

These are all very good things. But none of that makes Athletic Greens a replacement for actual food that you chew…


I would love to say ‘you heard it here first’ but deep down I am sure you already know this. We both know it.

If we all accept that food is first, here are some simple rules for nutrition. If you do these, you will be happily ripped in no time. As a plus, you will also live longer, feel healthier, and have far lower incidence of disease.

  • EAT for nutrient density
  • EAT to improve gut absorption of nutrients
  • EAT a macro nutrient profile that lends itself to improved body composition and less disease
  • EAT sufficient quantity of quality food to deliver your body its macro and micro nutrient requirements
  • DO NOT EAT anti-nutrients
  • DO NOT EAT foods that harm you

There are some great eating programs out there, the Slow Carb Diet from The 4-Hour Body, the Beyond Diet program, I like them both, they work well and are especially good with a view to people just starting out and wanting compliance for the whole family.

They work, and with compliance people stick to them… so people get results.

Those results are reflected in how many people love and rave about those programs.

Having said that, here is my  take on FOOD for FAT LOSS .

This is an all-out, no bullocks, 30-day plan “results guaranteed” way of eating. You won’t get hungry more than once or twice if you do it properly.

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