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How To Make A Herbal Tea For Weight Loss

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Undeniably, losing weight is one of the major concerns of many people today. In addition to the fact that a slim body makes most people feel happy and attractive, many people tend to lose weight today to reduce their risk for various health conditions linked with obesity and being overweight. As people age, losing weight sometimes becomes a health necessity. Overweight or obese adults have greater risks for serious health conditions like diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, sleeping disorders and cardiovascular illnesses.

This makes weight loss products very popular today. In their desire to keep a slim and healthy body, many people resort to buying expensive exercise machineries and take slimming pills that promise optimum quality results within just a short period of time. Some even take the risk of undergoing surgeries just to feel good about themselves.

Many people have already discovered that there are natural herbs which (together with other good practices such as good diet and exercise) aid to losing weight. We have discovered an amazing recipe for slimming tea that is made

up of various powerful herbs which are considered valuable for their weight loss effects.

This recipe makes use of ingredients like nettle leaf, senna leaf, eleuthero (ginseng ) root, dandelion root, marshmallow root, slippery elm bark, ginger root, orange peel, cinnamon bark and fennel seeds.

The proposed mechanisms of action for this “slimming tea” are detoxification, metabolism boosting and appetite suppression. According to research, detoxification plays a major role in the process of losing weight. The theory is that through the food we take, toxins begin to accumulate inside the body, especially in the intestines, which prevent you from losing weight. It is the responsibility of the colon to get rid of these toxins. The removal of toxins improves colon health which may help improve metabolism, thereby resulting to weight loss.

One tip I would suggest – leave out the senna (a natural laxative) if you have sensitive digestion or irritable bowel.

Note – this article (as always for this site) is not medical advice nor a recommendation to self-medicate. We report on the findings of herbal researchers and share the best of our discoveries. For obvious legal reasons we cannot guarantee that you will achieve weight loss or other specific results through the use of these herbs. If you have symptoms of sickness, are using medications, or have other concerns, consult a medical professional before using herbs.

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