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How to inflate balance ball

Be sure to use the proper ball pump for the job.

When inflating an exercise ball the most important item to have is a ball pump. The proper ball pump makes the job much easier & safer. The ball often comes will a ball plug, a ball plug remover and an adapter that can be used with a bike pump. (See picture of small white objects above).

1) Your exercise ball should have come with a plug a small white wide needle-like object with a flat white head that fits into the hole of the ball to hold the air in the ball. The plug may already be inside of your exercise ball and should then be taken out of the ball before attempting to inflate the ball. Often it is attached to the side of the ball in a small plastic bag or taped to the side of the ball. Once you have the plug out of the ball, you will want to lay your exercise ball out on the ground, allowing most of the folds to come out. The exercise ball should be flat and the hole should be open. Make sure your ball is at room temperature before proceeding to fill the ball.

2) If you have a ball pump, you can insert the tip of the pump in the hole and start to inflate the ball. If you do not have a specially made pump, you may use a bike pump or a compressor to inflate your ball by attaching an adapter (sold separately with most balls). The adapter can be distinguished from the plug, because it is threaded on one end. The threaded end attaches to your bike pump or compressor and the other end inserts inside the ball. Start filling your ball with air.

3) Make a mark on the wall or on a yard stick to where your ball should inflate to. You can use the chart below or on our page Selecting the Best Ball Size for You as a guide if you like. Some exercise balls have a sizing guide with them.

4) Fill

the ball to a level that you feel is comfortable using the 90-degree angle rule (See Selecting the Best Ball Size for You ). If you are sitting on the ball with your feet flat, your hips and knees should form a 90-degree angle with each other. DO NOT OVER INFLATE THE BALL! Fill to

80% or so that you can dent the ball about 6" if you stick your finger in the ball. Let it sit for 24 hours before filling to 100% so that you can dent the ball

2” if you stick your finger in the ball. You should be able to push the ball in 2” when the exercise ball is fully inflated.

5) Check often with the mark you made to ensure you are inflating the ball to the proper size. When you finish inflating the ball to the correct size insert the ball plug. The plug should be flush with the surface of the ball.

6) What can you do if the ball you purchased is bigger in diameter than the sitting guidelines? The answer is to not inflate your ball as much. For example if you purchased a 65 cm. ball and are only 5’ 1” tall, fit the ball using the 90-degree rule in sitting. If your exercise ball is under-inflated, the ball will not be as firm, but you will continue to reap the benefits of the exercise ball.

7) Let the exercise ball sit over night because it may stretch slightly. If the exercise ball has stretched fill the ball so that you can dent the ball about 2” if you stick your finger in the ball. Or deflate the exercise ball a little if needed. You should be able to push the ball in 2” when the ball is fully inflated.

6) Warning: Never inflate your ball greater than its labeled maximum diameter. Do not inflate when the temperature is greater than 90є F/32є C or less than 65є F/18є C.

9) If you have any questions write us at l or call for information at (864)346-0945.

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