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Golf: How To Setup Your Shot For A 50 Yard Pitch

how to keep balance in golf swing

We show you how to improve your pitching in golf. Pitching takes place when the ball lies between 5 and 40 yards outside of the green. Turn those pars into birdies with the help of VideoJug's golf expert.

Step 1: Setup

Put the club flat on its sole behind the golf ball with the club face square to the target. Standing with your feet slightly less than shoulder width apart, turn your whole body, feet, hips and shoulders slightly to the left of the target. This is called an open stance.

Step 2: Ball position

The golf ball should be in the middle of your stance to ensure the balls travels high by the club swinging down at the ball rather than being scooped up.

Step 3: Lean from the hip

Lean your upper body forward from your hip and keep your legs slightly flexed. Balance on the golf balls of your feet, putting slightly more weight on your

left foot.

Step 4: The grip

When taking your grip, put the grip slightly in front of the ball then assume your normal grip.

Step 5: The swing

Pitching requires simply a shortened version of your full swing - a half swing back and a half swing through. The swing is made by your upper and lower body rotating your arms around your spine's axis. Because it's a bigger swing than a chip there will be a soft hand action. You balance on the ball of your feet throughout to make sure that the club head swings square and straight to the ball line for accurate contact and direction.

The weight is on your left foot throughout to make sure the club swings down at the ball so the loft of the golf club makes the ball fly.

Make sure your body faces the target when you finish your swing, as your body always leads your arms and hands.

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