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How to Use Excel to Make a Percentage Bar Graph

how to make a correlation graph

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Percentage bar graphs compare the percentage that each item contributes to an entire category. Rather than showing the data as clusters of individual bars, percentage bar graphs show a single bar with each measured item represented by a different color. Each bar on the category axis (often called the x-axis ) represents 100 percent.

Step 1:

Click the Insert tab and then the drop-down arrow next to Bar in the Charts group. Be sure to choose the third option from either the 2-D Bar or 3-D Bar choices, which is 100% Stacked Bar .

Step 3:

Choose the preferred data for the

Category Axis. Verify that your data is correct, then:

  • Select the chart.
  • Click the Design tab from Chart Tools. located to the right of the View tab.
  • Press the Switch Row/Column button in the Data group on the ribbon.

The total category should disappear from both the bars and the graph's legend.

Adding Data Labels to bar graphs is simple. Click Design under Chart Tools and then press the drop-down arrow next to Add Chart Element .

Double-click on data labels to open the Format Data Labels pane. Explore these options to change the position, alignment and other properties.

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