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I fly all the time. Like, all the time. And I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I was having a conversation with my good friend (and a manager in the music business) Seth Friedman who flies even more than I do, and is better at it than I am. He had some great tips. So I thought, during this season of holiday trips, I would compile some other good tips in the hopes that they may positively affect your next one. And may all your flights be safe.

My Flight to LA, May 2nd

Here is a bedraggled working mother about to take an 11-hour flight…

Sometimes it makes the flight fun to get surprised with music along the way. On my last long flight from London to LA, while reading a book on my iPad, I put my iTunes on

shuffle and kept track of all the songs that played.

GP’s Transatlantic Playlist

Frequent Flyers

There are always those travelers that seem so well-equipped and prepared for even the most tedious of flights. It’s usually because they have done it…so…many…times. Two of these very frequent flyers are Seth Friedman and Donna Hay, who are kind enough to share their specific flying expertise with us today. Additionally, we’ve polled a range of fashion photographers, designers, and other friends in various industries who travel a ton to pitch in their tips, combined with our own knowledge, which you’ll find below.

Meet: Donna Hay

Occupation: Magazine Editor, Food Stylist, Author & Mother

Why she flies: As an Australian, I am genetically designed to fly long distances. Before having my boys, my work had me on the Sydney>London flight quite frequently.

And… Seth Friedman

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