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Guthix balance

how to make a guthix balance potion

Guthix balance potions are modified Restore potions. made using the Herblore skill. To make Guthix balance, players must have started In Aid of the Myreque and have at least level 22 Herblore. Guthix balance can be used against vampyres and vyrewatches in Morytania or Meiyerditch. A potion of Guthix Balance has to be mixed in Morytania to complete a Medium Morytania Task.

First, a restore potion is made (by adding harralander and red spider's eggs to a vial of water). Then, garlic and silver dust are added to the restore potion to make this potion. Silver dust can be made by using a silver bar at the Grinder on the first floor of the Ectofuntus. or bought

at the Grand Exchange. Adding garlic gives the player 25 Herblore experience, and adding silver dust gives another 25 Herblore experience.

Garlic and silver dust can only be added to a 3-dose restore potion. The experience for the secondary ingredients is the same, independent of the dosage.

Guthix balance potions are used against Vampyre juveniles. Vampyre juvinates or Vyrewatch. The usage of the potion has three outcomes: the vampyre will be destroyed, the vampyre will become angry (vulnerable to all attacks), or they will be returned to human form. Using it on a Vyrewatch will simply deal a small amount of damage. Vyrelords and Vyreladies are immune to the potion.


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