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Tips on How to Make a Thesis Statement

Decide the type of Paper before you Make the Thesis Statement

To make a thesis statement writer should have a good understanding on the topic and select a research question to answer, a thesis to prove or a specific object to write about. The selection of the tone and type of the thesis statement depends upon the type of the thesis paper that is being planned. The two main types of theses are, analytic, and argumentative theses. An argumentative thesis statement clearly and strongly states the standpoint taken by the writer on the issue examined in the paper. An analytical thesis statement states the research problem for which the thesis paper finds a solution.

Make a Thesis Statement after some Prior Research

Student will be rewarded by not having to repeat the same thing many times if they do some prior research before they make a thesis statement. Prior research helps the student to select a good topic, narrow down the topic to a manageable specific area, identify an issue and identify possible sources for facts, information, and evidences. Contrary to the idea of some students, the time spent on a good preliminary research is not a waste. In fact it saves lot of time at later stages of writing the thesis.

A Good Thesis Statement shall Serve many Purposes

A good thesis statement shall inform the reader what the thesis is about. This should not be a vague expression or stated in as a quiz. It should also not be dubious and confusing. It should be brief but a complete answer to the question “What is it about?” The thesis statement shall clearly show the stand taken

by the writer on the issue in case of an argumentative thesis statement. The thesis statement has to be specific and should not express or state anything other than the topic. The main purpose of it is to help the writer stay focused on the chosen topic.

Example of a Good Thesis Statement

To make a thesis statement. students shall know about good thesis statements. Here is an example of making a good argumentative thesis statement. A student selects AIDS and HIV as the topic for a thesis. He/she narrows down the topic to prevention of the spread of HIV. The thesis statement written by the student is “More emphasis should be placed on preventive measures to control the spread of HIV because no cure has been found so far”. This thesis statement is weak. The emphasis, control and the preventive measures are too broad and vague. The statement “Patients found HIV positive should be quarantined to stop the spread of HIV” is specific on strategy, expected target and the action to be taken. Hence it is a good argumentative thesis statement.

Difficult Problems need Proper Solutions

If any student finds it difficult to select a topic for the thesis and write a good thesis statement it can become a difficult problem when the time passes by as there is a deadline by which the thesis has to be completed and submitted. Students can achieve this by working according to a plan. It is necessary to write a thesis plan, thesis outline and a god thesis statement. If they feel that they need help they can get help from a good thesis writing company or buy thesis .

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