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5 Points: How To Make A Promotional Video

Promotional Video Marketing is one of the top forms of communicating you can benefit from using to reach a mass target audience! All businesses, small and large, are jumping on board to get their start with video – consumers demand it! As a video producer looking to explain the process, I wrote this guide for you, so you too can understand what goes into a video, and how to make video for yourself too!

While some companies put their in-house marketing teams on the job to produce fantastic promotional videos, people new to video production can often struggle with understanding where to put their energy.

This is understandable – video production can appear complicated – but, with a guide, it can certainly be done. Below is the overview of how to make a promotional video.

You will learn the overview of how to make a promotional video either by Doing It Yourself (DIY) or how to hire a promotional video company by using this guide, right here.

My video-producing colleagues have reviewed this top-ranking guide – the techniques and strategies are professional level, and work. The material here is written from experience – these are the methods I use in my own video production business.

Full disclosure:  video marketing is a double edged sword; a good video can do wonders for a business, but a bad video can often do harm to a business and brand. Ensure you read and understand the concepts of production value and strategy covered here before commencing in shooting your own video.

I began writing this guide as a basis to my live-presentations, so the information here is accurate and detailed – which also explains why this article is in the top search on Google. I reference videos I’ve created; I’ve produced music videos, viral video on YouTube and promotional videos for businesses galore all the

while teaching about the process.

But enough about me – let’s get back to you  and how you are going to make your promotional video.

Topics & Strategies Detailed in this Guide

Promotional Video Marketing has traditionally been a specialized field.

Since you’re interested in learning how to make a promotional video, here are the topics covered:

  • Choosing a Camera: Which Camera to Depending on Your Budget
  • Strategy: How to Draft up a Video Marketing Strategy
  • Shooting Techniques: How to use a Camera on Set
  • Lighting Techniques: How to Light a Studio for Video
  • Video Production: Video Editing Techniques, Color-Correction and more
  • Audio Production:  5 Reasons Your Video Needs Narration, and  Tips for Voice Narration Success
  • Online Distribution: YouTube, Marketing and how to Get Your Video Seen Online
  • The gear part is the most fun – here are the highlights that will be covered later:

    There’s a good amount to cover – and perhaps later on you should zip to the parts that interest you most and read those sections first – but not yet. If you want to succeed with any video project for business,  you must, must do a little reflection and have a strategy first.

    Please read this next part as it’s crucial to victory.

    Getting Started with Video Strategy: Do it Yourself Video Production

    ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) video production is often the first step for most businesses as they explore their promotional options – creating a video in house is an inexpensive way to see how video marketing ‘works’. As a video producer and small business owner, I understand both aspects, which will assist you as you read use guide.

    How long till you film your Promotional Video?

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