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How to make balance toys

how to make balance toys

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I didn't purchase this book because I have a burning desire to be a corporate partner in a large commercial law firm. That had once been an ambition of mine. The focus of my attention is now in the field of legal practice education and training, and I purchased this book because I see part of my role as being able to help others make it to partner.

The book divides 21 chapters into 5 parts. As well as giving advice and guidance, each chapter is packed with very useful exercises, charts, action points, websites and suggested books for further reading and development.

Part 1 introduces you to you, and what being a partner really means. Reflective practice is something that for many years legal practice education has been lacking. Thankfully, there is now more emphasis placed

on learning this skill. There are plenty of practical suggestions in this part of the book to help you develop in this area.

Part 2 focusses on how to become partnership potential. What I really enjoyed about this section was the recognition that partnership potential isn't something to focus on later down your career path. It's something that interviewers are likely to be looking for at the very early stages of your career.

Part 3 is how to survive those early years. This will help you develop an appreciation of the importance of networking within the firm and outside the firm. Networking is absolutely essential if you want to be a partner. If you wait for work to come to you, it will pass you by, and so will partnership.

Part 4 moves into the stage of your career where you need to be thinking about building your own client portfolio and your own team. Professional practice is as much about relationships as it is about practice. Read more ›

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