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Medals are pukka. but I'm sworn to silence on how I won them, says the parade 'fraud'

Updated: 18:21 GMT, 7 December 2009




A man who marched at a Remembrance Day parade with an impossible array of medals was named last night as carpenter Roger Day, 61.

Neighbours said the keen amateur actor was once thrown out of his local pub in a row over an SAS badge he was wearing.

Roger Day on parade and, right, at home today. He denied he'd been confronted at the parade and said afterwards he'd then gone drinking with his 'ex-SAS buddies'

But medals expert Martin Harrison said: 'He would be world-famous - and some sort of Rambo character - if he had been awarded

them all.'

A drive to identify the mystery medal man was launched after he was pictured marching alongside brave servicemen at the November 11 parade in Bedworth, Warwickshire.

Mr Day was tracked down to his home in Earl Shilton, near Hinckley, Leicestershire, where it emerged that he is a regular churchgoer who sings in the choir.

He and his wife Maxine, who neighbours said was 'considerably younger', wrote and sang a duet welcoming troops back from Afghanistan at a ceremony last month.

Roger Day strode alongside 600 genuine war heroes wearing a beige SAS beret and a dazzling selection of military medals and badges. Below, what they represent

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