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Is credit and accounts receivables management one of the main objectives of the credit control Manager?

Nadia Ahmed Mohammed Saeed

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    Ninety-percent of Vogel Bird Seed's total sales of $600,000 is on credit. If its year-end receivables turnover is 5,

Answers (15) What is the most accurate term for the procedures used by the board to oversee activities performed to achieve organizational objectives?

Answers (10) What is the normal balance for liability accounts? debit credit?

Answers (9) Who is responsible for the design of the Accounting Policies? (a)Accounts/Finance department. (b)Management. (c)Shareholders/partners

Answers (5) What effect has the computerization of accounts receivable had on management’s inclination to perform aging analysis?

Answers (1) Do you agree that an effective CFO is responsible for both Financial Control and Treasury Management Functions. Comment.

Answers (6) How to To develop the skills of people who work in credit control ?

Answers (5) How to updated(Control)export L/C Acceptance(Receivables-60 days )?Under which accounts it should be updated?

Answers (4) Normally all banks and financial institutions (service sector) have separate credit control department.

Answers (1) As per IFRS standard what are ledger balances which included in Accounts Receivables? Is it only Balance from customers or anything more?

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