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Using The Alkaline Food List to Balance Your Body pH

Discover how alkaline foods help balance your body’s PH and fight disease.

Proper pH balance of the human body is critically important to good health according to virtually all leading biochemists, medical physiologists and medical physiology textbooks; and using the Alkaline Food List will balance your body pH.

The Role of pH Balance

PH (Potential of Hydrogen) is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14 with 7 neutral. Less than 7 is acidic, and more than 7 is alkaline. Maintaining the acid/alkaline balance is extremely important to normal physiology. It is, in fact, so important that the body strictly monitors the balance in every cell and system. The optimum range for good body health is slightly alkaline at 7.2 to 7.4.

An Acidic Diet: The Perfect Storm

The Industrial Revolution has been heralded as an advance in human history, but lesser noted has been the problematic changes it brought about in the human diet and therefore health. Highly processed foods stabilized for longer shelf life, lack of exercise as a result of a less physically demanding lifestyle, pollution and environmental toxins have all had detrimental effects on today’s population. Diets high in animal protein, sugar, caffeine and processed foods all put pressure on the body’s ability to regulate proper pH levels. This played a critical role in the increase in diseases of the human body.

pH Imbalance Diseases

An imbalance in the body’s pH level creates a whole host of problems for the human body. An acidic balance creates an environment ripe for the growth of fungus, bacteria, yeast, mold and viruses. As a defense mechanism the body then borrows from its vital organs and bones, which depletes the body of essential alkaline minerals such as sodium, potassium,

magnesium and calcium, to combat the acidic state.

This leaves the body:

• prone to chronic diseases

• with a reduced ability to repair damaged cells or effectively use vitamins and minerals

• with a decreased ability to detoxify the body

• Aids tumor cell growth

• Leaves the body more susceptible to fatigue and illness.

An acid build up in the body’s cells causes Acidosis which leads to a plethora of physical problems such as Obesity and Diabetes, cardiovascular damage, Osteoporosis and joint pain, diseases of the bladder and kidneys, immune deficiency, stomach ailments such as Acid Reflux and chronic fatigue.

Acid reflux, a disease that results from a long-standing pH imbalance, affects roughly 47.3 million in the United States. This disorder alone costs an estimated $10.1 billion including visits to doctors and hospitals, medications and time lost from work. It is difficult to underestimate the scope of health problems that acidic pH levels have caused.

Fixing What Ails You: An Alkaline Diet

The solution to this widespread problem is building an alkaline environment in the body primarily through a change in diet. Every type of food consumed leaves an “ash” in the body which is either acid or alkaline. A nutritionally complete diet that is rich in alkaline forming foods, such as fresh vegetables and fruits, leaves an alkaline ash in the body that is essential to maintaining a healthy pH balance. Consuming 70-80% alkaline forming foods and only 20-30% acid forming foods is optimal. Consult an Alkaline Food List to determine which foods are the most beneficial.


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