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How to ph balance your body

how to ph balance your body


geniculate body, lateral either of the two metathalamus eminences, one on each side just lateral to the medial geniculate bodies, marking the termination of the optic tract.

geniculate body, medial either of the two metathalamus eminences, one on each side just lateral to the superior colliculi, concerned with hearing.

hematoxylin body a dense, homogeneous particle, easily stainable with hematoxylin. consisting of nuclear material derived from an injured cell together with a small amount of cytoplasm. Hematoxylin bodies occur in systemic lupus erythematosus. Lymphocytes that ingest such particles are known as le cells. Called also LE body.

Howell's b's (Howell-Jolly b's ) smooth, round remnants of nuclear chromatin seen in erythrocytes in megaloblastic and hemolytic anemia, in various leukemias and after splenectomy.

body image the total concept, including conscious and unconscious feelings, thoughts, and perceptions, that a person has of his or her own body as an object in space independent and apart from other objects. The body image develops during infancy and childhood from exploration of the body surface and orifices, from development of physical abilities, and from play and comparison of the self with others.

Changes in body image are particularly important in adolescence when attention is focused on appearance and attractiveness and relations with others. Body image is strongly influenced by parental attitudes that give the child a perception of certain body parts as good, clean, and attractive, or bad, dirty, and repulsive. The evolution of body image continues throughout life and incorporates such factors as a person's style of dress, hair style, and use of makeup, which symbolize social and professional status and other feelings about the self.

vitreous body the transparent gel filling the inner portion of the eyeball between the lens and retina. Called also vitreous and vitreous humor .



[A.S. bodig ]


1. Any discrete mass. 2. The main and largest part of a structure. 3. A substance of any kind.

black body Thermal radiator which absorbs completely all incident radiation, whatever the wavelength, the direction of incidence or the polarization. This radiator has, for any wavelength, the maximum spectral concentration of radiant flux at a given temperature (CIE). Syn. full radiator; planckian radiator. See absorption ; colour temperature; Planck's law.

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